If you are looking for a L.A. WordPress Developer I want to help service your needs! I work remotely but believe I can offer a very strong value to people in the Los Angeles area. So I thought I’d start connect with people that are in need. Look forward to chatting!

Top 3 Reasons to consider working with me?

  • I care about you getting a website you can edit yourself, so everything I do with WordPress development revolves around making things easy to edit. 
  • I pay attention to responsive design for mobile-friendliness, search engine optimization so you can be found on Google and Bing, and creating the website around your business goals. 
  • I understand that customer care is extremely important. I strive to be a digital craftsman, who is highly communicative. My clients love working with someone who communicates and works with you for your long-term goals for your website.

My best shot at helping you find a L.A. WordPress Developer

It’s not easy to be impartial, but I really do think offering as much value as I possibly can, starts a relationship with a possible client to the next level, even if I share with them the options besides working with me. 

The best WordPress Developer Options besides myself:

1. Kristin Falkner – Incredibly talented WordPress Developer in the area who can to PSD to WordPress and Custom themes. Very solid client work, and clean design.

2. Julian Ware – More on the Los Angeles WordPress Developer side, rather than designer/developer like Kristin and myself – Julian’s work is solid development, with a little bit less emphasis on the clean visuals.

3. CHRS Interactive – Also a Los Angeles WordPress Developer who focuses on the WordPress development side more than the visual design per say, but CHRS looks like they design creative themes as well.

Some key things to think about in general when vetting a Los Angeles WordPress Developer

Perhaps these are questions to ask your WordPress Developer – to make sure that they are thinking about these things before you hire them, and to get a good idea of their process you’re not surprised by any randomness in their approach:

  • Do you create your WordPress sites/themes from scratch or do you use a premium theme? They should have a good idea of the pro’s and con’s of each, and likely times a premium theme setup should be less money because it’s a pre-built and designed template so there’s less intentionality in its design and how things are editable.
  • How do you get to the bottom of what a company’s key differences are and how do you tell that story to appeal to their best customers? This is how I start every process with a new client, so perhaps I am biased here – but what makes your company special becomes the story I look to tell throughout the words and images used on the site from then on.
  • Do you build the site that so I’ll be able to edit it on an ongoing basis – or will I have to come to you to make changes? Even WordPress developers can get lazy with their code, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called in to work on something that wasn’t put together thoughtfully with the client in mind. Many web developers build with their own convenience in mind instead. Don’t get caught dead with this kind of website, have it built right the first time.

Feel free to get in touch for any WordPress web development needs you have!

I’d love to talk with you and get an idea of what you’re needs are. Reach out in the contact form below and include your website and a couple pieces of key info about what you’re looking for and we’ll find a time to chat.

Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to being useful to you if you’re looking for a Los Angeles WordPress Developer.